The Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference for England and Wales, said during one of the sessions that the husband’s love for his wife serves their children as an example of mutual respect. Speaking about the challenges of family life, the Archbishop continues: “Dedicated and faithful fathers are a boon to their children, they are necessary for their success in education, mental balance and socialization.”

The best I can do is love my wife

He also said that the best example a father can give to his sons and daughters is to love their mother. “A father influences his children to a certain extent by the quality of his relationship with their mother. When they both enjoy a healthy relationship, they are likely to spend more time with their children as well. A mother whom her husband, the father of her children, truly loves and appreciates shares this recognition with her children. Evidence confirms that fathers who treat the mother of their children with respect and face problems in a mature and appropriate way raise sons who will understand how to treat a woman in the future and are unlikely to treat them aggressively. ”

Dedicated fathers invest in the safety of their daughters

The Archbishop continues: “Girls whose fathers show respect for them as they grow up learn what to expect from their future husbands. They are less likely to be caught in the trap of violent or unhealthy relationships. Although there are many generous and devoted fathers who are not married, it seems that there are still many who are also bound by the strong bond of marriage. “

Father – honorary title

In his further speech, the Archbishop said that the most important title for any priest is the father. Such a title implies a central role in raising the future generation, nurturing a sense of vocation among young people, and faithfully serving people that is grounded in deepening a relationship with God.

It is important to celebrate fatherhood

The archbishop acknowledged that not all fathers are perfect, just as they are not priests, and that he does not want to diminish the importance of single mothers in any way. “Yet,” he said, “it must not stop us from celebrating fatherhood and emphasizing the positive contribution that fathers make to their families and society.”

Catholic Herald
Translated and prepared by: LR
Foto: Julie Johnson – Unsplash