One of the most beautiful things about God in the Old and New Testaments is the way he talks about families. Although women are regularly holier than their spouses, God already in the first book of the Bible chose men to pass on the generational blessing through the sons of his family and beyond. Fathers, this article is dedicated to you!

“Esau answered his father,” Father, do you have only one blessing? Bless me, my father! ”Esau wept aloud.” (Gen 27:38)

We long for our father’s blessing, but often the only thing we get is neglect or bad habits. There is a lot of talk today about the generational sins that really exist, but we must be careful not to go to extremes. At one point in Israel’s history, God was fed up with the constant excuses of the Jews, so He forbade a saying that was used throughout Israel: “In those days it will no longer be said, ‘Fathers have eaten sour grapes, and their sons’ teeth.’

This means that God forbade the excuse “I sinned because my father sinned.” It’s like my father eating rotten grapes, and I’m sick. In modern vocabulary it would be as if I was an alcoholic because my father was also an alcoholic or I was addicted to pornography because my father abused me. While there is a strong connection to both evils that I do not underestimate, we must also remember that God forbids excuses because God has given every man the free will to start a new family with unencumbered responsibility.

The word of the LORD came unto me, saying, What have ye to do with Israel, saying, The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the teeth of the children of the children of Israel? The LORD saith unto me, None of you shall repeat that proverb in Israel. for all lives are mine, both the life of a father and the life of a son. And, behold, he that sinneth, he shall die. ”(Ezekiel 18: 1-4)

God does not allow us to use this excuse because the grace we receive from God through the sacraments is immeasurably times stronger than our physical, fallen, blood relationship. The grace and peace that comes from the Precious Blood of Christ is stronger than any sin of our ancestors.

Although only original sin (not temporal sins) is transmitted through the bloodline, the propensity to sin can indeed be transmitted generationally, especially when mortal sins are committed in front of children (pornography and drunkenness are mortal sins). I hereby want to encourage and encourage all fathers to redouble their commitment to blessings and vigilance in the fight against sins (which come primarily from their own sinfulness) in order to leave a legacy to their families today.

Good Catholic parents tell me about their good children who increasingly show affection for people of the same sex, transgender feelings, produce strange sounds (yes, I know most children produce strange voices, but now I mean supernaturally strange sounds) as well as a very unusual tendency to find pornography . Even relatively protected children dance seductive dances without anyone teaching them to do so. How is that possible?

This happens either through learned behavior using the five senses or through some kind of cultural assimilation or even through demons entering the home. It is already known that a man should not use pornography unless he wants demons to attack his home. I realize this may be an astonishing statement, but every exorcist I know will support me in it. Therefore, I stick to my statement.

However, I now realize something even scarier: even men who successfully avoid pornography and other deadly sins discover that their children at a very early age begin seductive dancing and perverted experimentation with their own bodies or some other strange habits. Some of these sins are often the result of original sin which in certain cases was avoided only by canonized saints. But today, some of these perversions occur because fathers in the family do not provide the full protection by praying and blessing their children that they need to fight the most perverse tendencies and worst culture of death ever recorded in world history. Indeed, abstaining from pornography is just the beginning of driving demons out of your home. However, what many good Catholic families tell me is that this is no longer enough.

How can men provide spiritual protection to their families? What’s the battle plan?

Pray at least five dozen rosaries daily with your family. You can no longer afford to justify how you manage to beg only one dozen because you have small children who are restless. Good. Put the younger ones to sleep and pray five dozen with children who can stay awake longer. If no one can stand it, go to bed and kneel with your wife on your side of the bed and pray five tenths of a rosary. Aren’t you waiting for your wife to run the family? Men, you must take the initiative of spiritual struggle or you will lose the war. There is not the slightest exaggeration in my words given what even the best Catholic families face. You can’t call me an extremist with the supernatural evidence I have of what’s going on in protected Catholic families. Given the ongoing spiritual and cultural war, you cannot afford to lead your family spiritually without a minimum of five dozen rosaries a day.

The exorcist Br. Ripperger brought together an international team of tens of thousands of lay men and women and priests. They pray fundamental prayers of spiritual protection over their own families and over other people who are not near them. (One laywoman says that hundreds of thousands have gathered to date!) The Auxilium Christianorum aims to actively pray for its members – priests, lay people, family and friends – with the intention of freeing them from the influence of demons. Precisely because men have the greatest gift of spiritual authority and protection of their family, I suggest to every possible man to join this endeavor, of course, if they meet certain conditions. These people are willing to fight spiritually to bring their families to Paradise. I advise you to study their website.

This is important in the first place because everything is to the glory of God and we are saved by praising and praising God. In addition, by this act we unite our families to thank God. Let us not forget that by the praise and glory of God we drive out Satan. Satan and his legion of demons do not tolerate families that glorify and praise God. Satan was especially angry at St. Faustina, who wrote about God’s goodness: “Don’t write about God’s goodness! He is just! ”

When I say “praise”, I do not mean the same “praise” mentioned earlier because it refers to “worship” which originates from the Latin word “latria”, and refers exclusively to God. By “praising” my family, I mean support and compliments. At the very least, let your encouragement be as frequent as the positive criticism.

This blessing is passed down generationally for all those generations that will exist from your offspring until the second coming of Jesus. Imagine this blessing being passed from your son to his son, your grandson, all the way to the creation of the legacy of an entire dynasty. A humble man becomes like God simply by blessing his children before going to bed. This blessing does not serve to make children feel better (although they will really feel more protected than to live in a fort) or braver (although they will really feel like a warrior’s son or daughter) but to make this intergenerational blessing a father give to his son real .

The blessing is effective, meaning it changes the history of the world as we see it in Aaron’s blessing in the Old Testament: “The Lord said to Moses,“ Say to Aaron and to his sons, Thus shall you bless the children of Israel, The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee. Let the LORD look upon thee, and bring thee peace. So let them put my name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them ”(Num. 6: 22-27).

If you are not going to pray arbitrarily, simply memorize and pray these verses every night over your wife and children.

We long for the blessing of our fathers, their protection and praise. We accomplish all this with blessing, encouragement, and prayers of protection. Men, I encourage you to realize the whole plan or at least a part of it today!

p. David Nix – Pilgrim Father
Translated by: LR
Photo: Teito