My wife and I deal pro-life activism. A few days ago, my wife stopped by our office along with our little daughter. As we chatted over coffee, little Charlotte went on a tour of the office exploring what she could find. There weren’t many fragile things so I didn’t worry too much about it.

Fetuses are actually small babies

She soon found a bucket of plastic dolls representing fetuses from 11/12 weeks old and decided to save them from there. “Baby, baby!” She announced triumphantly as she held a handful of small models in the air, trying to take as many as possible with her. When she succeeded, she sat down on the floor and began to rock them. She noticed that my hands were empty and pushed one of these babies into me and ordered me to help her lull them to sleep.

It suddenly struck me that neither I nor my wife had ever told Charlotte that little fetal models were actually babies. She just knew it by looking at them. It is obvious at first glance that these are babies. Although they don’t look exactly like two-year-olds, her first instinct was to rock and protect them.

Babies need to be loved and children know that

This is exactly what everyone should allow babies. Charlotte didn’t have any siblings yet so no one taught her that. She just knew it herself.

The fact is that children are by nature pro-life. They recognize the baby when they see it. They are still not old enough and stupid enough to believe the scientific gossip about “clusters of cells” and “parasites” or deadly philosophies about babies in the womb that are too small to be considered human. Babies are babies and babies need to be loved. Very simple.

It is natural to be pro-life

Because children are instinctive pro-life, their urge to protect, discern, and recognize humanity in other beings comes naturally, and adults who support abortion must eradicate these instincts if they want to create teenagers who are pro-choice. Therefore stands on the streets of s pro-life materials drive abortion advocates crazy – because children instinctively recognize small fetuses as babies, which is a fierce and devastating blow to their actions and worldviews. A child’s reaction is natural, not ideological.

When you are pro life you can be faced with the truth

There is another reason why adults who support abortion are angry at the very sight of it pro-life banners: because they do not know how to explain them to their children. For a parent who is pro-life it’s very simple, even if it’s a picture of an aborted baby: “Children know that the world is not a completely safe place, they just need to know that adults are there for them to protect them.

Adults who support abortion, on the other hand, have no answer. Children often see banners with pro-life messages and ask innocent, heartbreaking and sincere questions such as, “Who broke the baby?” Their parents, of course, want to justify in any way the abortion of a child who perfectly portrayed the horror of their worldview. They want to convince their kids to do it it is not child, and in fact everyone realizes that is. Precisely because children’s voices reach straight to their conscience, they often get angry at pro-life activists who lead them to face the problem.

It is necessary to look through the eyes of a child

It is interesting that only by eradicating what is good, true and beautiful in children can we convince the little ones to support the ideology we have invented to justify arbitrariness at the expense of others, and these are unborn children.

A two-year-old girl can look at a small twelve-week-old baby and see a child like her, only she needs rocking and rocking. Adults who support abortion look at that same baby in the womb and desperately try to convince themselves of a lie that even a child can see through: that the baby we are watching is not a baby at all.

Jonathon Van Maren – Lifesite News
Translated by: LR
Photo: Zun Zun –Pexels